Viva Italia Group Launches A Card-Linked Loyalty Programme, Powered by Stampfeet

Viva Italia Group, with dozens of restaurants across Scotland, is launching a card-linked loyalty programme, making it easier for customers to earn points and rewards when they’re dining out.

Retailers and restaurants have had a difficult time in recent years. Even casual dining is not immune to consumers spending less this year, with prominent brands such as Jamie’s Italian struggling.

Making loyalty schemes easier for customers

Loyalty programmes are one way restaurants and retailers can encourage customers to spend more, giving them discounts and rewards, and encouraging people to come back and treat themselves. However, one of the challenges with most loyalty schemes is that after getting a discount card, people rarely have them when they’re needed.

Customers don’t want the hassle of carrying around another piece of plastic or downloading another app. When it comes to groups with multiple brands, such as Viva Italia, many customers may not realise they can use one card in different locations. It’s easy to join and earn points: simply register and link a credit or debit card through the Viva Italia rewards website.

Customers can earn points whenever they visit one of the group’s restaurants, takeaways, cafes or bars, then claim and enjoy them when they’ve accumulated enough points, or receive a special offer. Points are earned seamlessly and automatically, with offers and discounts emailed to customers and applied at the point of sale.

Card-linking benefits for brands

For Viva Italia, that includes the Tony Macaroni, Nardini’s and Mozza brands, this is the perfect solution. An easy-to-implement loyalty scheme that doesn’t involve complex IT integrations. Unlike traditional loyalty schemes, the Stampfeet solution is more cost effective, it works online and offline (a complete omnichannel solution) on any point of sale terminal, across the entire estate.

Transactions are captured securely via debit and credit card schemes. Encrypted data is then passed onto our loyalty engine which manages the customer loyalty accounts, promotions and communications.

Built-into the loyalty system are a range of promotions which brands can manage and adjust according to seasonal demand, marketing and sales targets, and customer preferences. For example, Viva Italia customers get 200 points when they register, double points on a Monday, birthday triple points, weekly offers, £5 credit for every £100 spent, and so much more.

Everything is setup to run smoothly, without the extra work most loyalty schemes require, making it easier for staff to encourage people to sign-up for a loyalty scheme knowing they don’t need to carry another piece of plastic with them. Viva Italia Group is looking forward to welcoming customers onto the scheme as it is rolled-out across their brands.