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Stampfeet is helping businesses drive customer loyalty and increase sales

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Grow your business

Our technology incorporates fully-branded desktop and mobile applications and a cloud-based customer management platform, working together to improve your customer engagement and sales.

Our suite of services take care of the heavy lifting involved in data integration, customer loyalty planning and automation of the program so you can focus on your brand strategy and operation.

With vast experience developing customer loyalty solutions for thousands of end users, Stampfeet has the capabilities and expertise to deliver fast implementation and smooth ongoing management of your marketing program.

Multichannel flexible platform

A comprehesive loyalty solution delivering the different aspects and processes involved in driving customer loyalty and increasing customer engagement. Our loyalty engine is flexible and modular to allow full customisation to your business and programme needs.

With our platform you can easily collect data about your customer behaviour and use that data smartly to increase retention and drive incremental sales.

Data & Analytics

Know your customers and plan ahead with key data on individual or group profiles, behaviours and preferences.

Content Management System

Easily update text, images or videos to ensure your content is consistent with your offline news and offerings.

Marketing & Engagement

Use data insights in targeted marketing campaigns, designed to instigate repeat visits, referrals and sales.

Customer Feedback

Track customer satisfaction level and gain deep customer insights in real time.


Data analysis and patterns recoginition

Each time your customers engage that data is distilled into simple, actionable insights that power highly-defined marketing campaigns - instigating return visits and incremental sales with personalised, one-to-one offers delivered at the right time and place.

A single secure control panel that lets you track and manage every aspect of your content and customer relationship.

Automated targeted marketing

We believe customer engagement is the end result of maintaining a total customer experience, therefore our solutions are built on 3 core ‘modules’:

Content. Features that communicate your brand and proposition, include blogs, newsletters, location lists, menus.
Communication. Features that facilitate a direct line between your customer and brand, include contact us forms, surveys or social media integration.
Action. Features that enhance the way customers experience your brand, include digital loyalty cards and vouchers, pre-order or payment.

The modularity built into our code base provide our clients with a custom end product that matches their brand and specific business. You’ll choose the features you need and as you change, your apps and website change with you.


Let's increase your sales.


Effective account management and execution 24/7.
We offer three core services:

Bespoke Planning, Design & Strategy

Stampfeet's team of loyalty experts and technologists will analyse your data and brand to forge a bespoke customer engagement model, tailored to your goals and IT systems. This detailed planning will ensure a high acceptance rate of customers, staff engagement and overall ROI.

Dedicated Account Management

Technology and loyalty programs are living creatures and require ongoing content and features updates, campaign and design enhancements. To ensure that level of engagement Stampfeet provides a dedicated Account Manager who'll serve as an extension of your marketing team.

Helpdesk Support

Mobile poses a huge challenge because of the fragmentation of devices and technologies as well as the quick pace in which innovation is becoming mainstream. Customers may suffer from unique issues, but they expect an immediate response - and we’re here to give it to them.

Choose from our three core services, or combine them together for best results.

Customer Loyalty Management

  • Program Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Technical Scoping
  • UX/UI Design
  • Staff Training

Loyalty Platform: Desktop & Mobile

  • Loyalty Engine
  • CMS, Backoffice
  • Campaigns Engine
  • Order & Collect
  • Content Delivery, Personalisation
  • Location Finder
  • Push notifications & In-app messages
  • Customer Feedback & Surveys

Customer Support Helpdesk

  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • 24X7 Monitoring
  • Email & Telephone-based Client Support
  • Email-based Customer support

We have been working with Stampfeet on the Ed's Club for over two years and are delighted with the app, ongoing service and results. Loyalty is becoming increasingly important to the company's profitability and growth. Much of that is down to Stampfeet's execution and expertise.

Andrew Guy
Chairman & C.E.O, Ed's Easy Diner

A commitment to user experience and ROI

Stampfeet launched in 2010 as a digital replacement to the loyalty stamp card and has evolved into a comprehensive mobile solution for brands that want to do more than just reward customer behaviour – they want to instigate it.
Our team of product, service and marketing professionals build and execute applications that leverage the best digital has to offer for the hospitality industry.
We support our clients with a seamless extension of their brand, making sure that the physical quality and experience they work tirelessly on is matched by a first class digital one. Day-to-day, we ensure the brand is never too far from the customers mind; our proven, data-driven campaigns keep them coming back.

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